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A Place For Hilarious Typos
3rd-Nov-2019 01:59 pm(no subject)
In an online discussion of the different adaptations of a certain manga, someone says:

"There's a love action movie?"

Lol, not as far as I know. There is a live action movie, though.
19th-Dec-2018 03:39 pm - from a nearby fic-finder community
Weeping McCock
"Looking for a story where (...) is hurt and and lost on a plant while his team looks for him."

My mind is running amok now, imagining the hero in question hurt and lost on a terrifying green tentacled man-eating Audrey II-like organism, making up its own Dagobah-sized celestial body. Hrrr!

you don't know what you're messing withCollapse )
30th-Dec-2016 05:36 am - always finishing his plate
Bad Ass Leia
"Isn't it amazing when your 18 month-old son wants to be the supper hero (...)?" - from a letter I just received. It took me a while to get it.
23rd-Jun-2016 03:36 pm - Well, that stinks ...
emo lol
... if the villain of the story is reeking havoc, wouldn't you say?

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13th-Jun-2016 11:55 am - But is it lactose-free?
txt facepalm
If you're talking about someone's "diary entrees" and "her dairy" in the next chapter of your fic, the only thing you're succeeding at is to make me hungry.

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17th-May-2016 10:51 pm - Letters matter.
txt spelling
Yes, yes, they do.

Because if you actually meant to say "He looked deviantly at the seven-year-old boy", there's more wrong with your fic than just the one letter.

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19th-Oct-2015 10:59 pm - untraditional foods
No more angelica
"Which Includes Norwegian Chocolate Teats Each Day" - From an advent calendar project on Kickstarter.
5th-Oct-2015 11:59 am - Remain what now?
Hold Me
Just saw this on CBS.

"Hooper said some of the 20 planned rallies may not materialize, but that Muslims should remain vigilante regardless and work with law enforcement to prevent any violence."
4th-Oct-2015 10:08 pm - "We regret the error"
This is from one article in the New York Times. And they actually have paid editors.

Texting a guy about a date we wanna go on tomorrow.

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