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A Place For Hilarious Typos
12th-Oct-2014 05:22 pm(no subject)
how?, piesek, psychodeliczny ratlerek
Found in a review type thing (Which convinced me that The Hobbit would be a better book if it was narrated by a snarky Bilbo). From the diary of Bilbo Baggins:

"I forgot my walking-stick and my hate. You know how much I need those things!"
23rd-Feb-2014 12:46 am(no subject)
This one is pretty common, but it still amuses me a little. A sign on a closed door:

"Stuff only"
4th-Jan-2014 04:40 pm - watch out for those children!
facepalm Cam, Cam facepalm
"National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Truett said the wind child levels will be so low that..."

And this is from NBC's news website! *headdesk*

hearts in canada 2
Opening sentence to a comment on a political discussion site:

90% of people don’t how to analise their motives

Context is engaging in intense self-examination. (Note: Discussion is robust and relatively unmoderated, and insults flow freely in both directions.)
17th-Dec-2013 08:10 pm - Had to follow up my last one
Sorry if this doesn't count as a standard printed typo, but I had to post it to prove the genuineness of the news warning I posted a few days ago:

14th-Dec-2013 05:28 pm - lazy ghosts!
From an article on five of the oldest business firms in the US comes this observation on a NY law firm (founded in 1830):

"While no decedents from those early days currently work at the firm . . . "

Just as well, since US labor laws regarding dead employees are generally unsupportive of their continuing to work.  And how do you handle their payroll taxes?
7th-Nov-2013 04:48 pm(no subject)
1) I know this is a Myka/Helena fic, but I'm still not surprised that Myka didn't try to apprehend Helena immodestly upon sighting her. She's a very reserved person, after all, and they've only just met.

2) On reading over my sociology notes, I realised that I had accidentally written that lesbianism is almost available. I think I meant to write invisible, but have been wondering if my brain is trying to tell me something ever since...
6th-Nov-2013 06:25 pm(no subject)
Nurse on Call is a handy phone number you can call to get advice on medical things that you're concerned about.

Norse on Call, however, does not exist. And that's probably for the best.
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